Top 10 Mistakes

Your free guide to what you should avoid when starting out.

Congratulations! You are ready to join the thousands of people who have made the decision to start their own craft business.

You already know the benefits...setting your own hours, working flexibly, working from home, or from the beach! The creative juices are flowing and you are all set to launch your gift into the world.

But before you jump in and start spending time and money on your new project have a read of this guide from Lesley Elder, owner of LYCB and founder of Seahorse jewellery brand.

Download the PDF now and find out what not to do!

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Top 10 Mistakes

What to avoid when you are just starting out...

Lesley Elder, owner of LYCB and founder of Seahorse jewellery brand gives you an insight into what to avoid when you start your own craft business...